“Vince showed me how to escape the darkest parts of my life.  Just when I thought everything around me was going to crash, he helped me find the light.  He helped me to find my inner strengths as an individual.  Ultimately, he helped me identify my struggles, helping me to put an end to my self-destructive habits, depression, anxiety, and social conflicts.  I didn’t know where to start when I first started counseling, but he guided me without judgement and quickly figured out which approach was going to be most effective for me. Vince made counseling very enjoyable and proved to me that counseling is very effective.  Counseling with Vince was like talking to a well-trusted friend; someone who truly cared about my mental health.  He helped me to gain self-confidence, learn who I truly am, build healthy relationships, and to set healthy boundaries.  I am blessed to have met him through my journey to becoming the best version of myself.”          



“Vince counseled me during a dark and confusing time in my life.  His insights helped me realize that my actions did not make me a bad person and not to blame myself.  He did not talk at me or tell me how I should feel, but used active discussion to let me come to these conclusions.  Even after I was done counseling with him, he has been there for me and my family through the hardest time of our life.  For that I am eternally grateful.”



“I had taken way too long to start looking for a therapist.  All the reasons I needed therapy were preventing me from taking the first step and reaching out.  I found Vince easily online.  Even during our screening call, I could tell that he was genuine, understanding and easy to talk to.  His experience is evident in his insights, and his demeanor creates an environment where I am able to get as much out of the sessions as I am willing to put in.  Each week I leave with a thought or strategy that leaves me feeling like I am taking steps forward.  I highly recommend Vince as a therapist.”



“Vince provided me with a safe and comforting environment for all my sessions.  He was quite insightful to all my counseling needs and helped me to focus on my personal mental well-being, as well as giving me expert advice that has helped me tremendously.  Vince has a calm & assuring demeanor that makes one feel comfortable as soon as you walk through the door.  I am very much looking forward to extending counseling with him in the future!”             



“When I first started counseling with Vince I was in a low point in my life; I had stress and anxiety that felt non-stop.  In the first few sessions, I gave Vince an overview of what was going on and he helped narrow down some of the root causes. Vince has a calming and non-judgmental demeanor and I always left each session with a better mind set, a little more confidence, and some goals to work on during the week.”



“From my experience working with Vince, I have taken away the following:  As a counselor, he is non-judgmental and does not tell me what I should be doing, but instead, makes healthy suggestions and allows me to choose if it’s right for me or not.  My favorite thing about working with Vince is when he asks me what I’m doing to take care of myself.  If I’m having a bad day, the counseling shifts my focus onto my well-being.  Together, we work on my self-worth and my ability to work towards the life I envision for myself.  My anxiety prevents me from living my life to the fullest, so Vince prompts me to do exercises to help me work through scenarios and challenges that I might encounter.” 



“Vince provided me with counseling services during a time period when I felt very lost and lacked what felt like all the motivation in the world to get through the days.  He created a space where I felt safe in showing up as I was, and after just a few sessions,  I learned how to cope with the difficult emotions, how to hold myself accountable for the things I can control, and how to let go of the things I can’t.  It’s almost 7 years later and I still use the tools he provided to me.”